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Thank you for your interest in DWMT! In order to receive accreditation for our event, you must fill in the form below carefully and patiently. Make sure all provided contact data (phone, email etc) is the one you plan to use before and during the event so we’ll be able to contact you any time it is necessary.

Only a maximum of 3 accreditations will be given per media channel (one photographer/camera operator + one reporter). Freelance journalists should indicate the media outlet they will provide their coverage for.

IMPORTANT! Unaffiliated photo professionals, event organizers or marketing representatives do not qualify for press accreditation. We welcome applications from independent bloggers and content makers, but please be aware that we can only offer a limited number of such passes.

Accredited photographers and camera operators will receive a special pass. In the absence of this pass, the entrance to the photo pit or other designated areas is forbidden. The festival will provide daily generous photo coverage to all media.

The deadline to submit your media application is July 3. Applications sent after this date will not be taken into consideration. All requests shall be answered no later than July 4. For questions and details, do not hesitate to send us an email to

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